Monday, September 26, 2011

Spiritual Warfare

Good morning, sisters! It's been a while, hasn't it? How are you all doing this Monday morning? I'm awake, and rejuvenated after a much needed battle. Yes, I said that correctly. I'll elaborate on that in a minute. First, let's catch up: my honey turned 40 on Sept. 14th. I planned a big surprise party for him, but was sorely (I emphasize sorely) disappointed in the turnout. But that was Satan working. But, the 4 (+2 children) that did show up made it a memorable occasion. Since PJ's secondary love language is words of affirmation, I put together a scrapbook of letters from other people (and myself) encouraging him and such. I was sorely disappointed in the response to that as well (again, Satan on the attack), and people that SHOULD have responded, and were given at least 2 weeks to send me SOMETHING, never did. And he noticed those missing entries, because they were KEY people in his life. Not just acquaintances. But, even with those disappointments, the responses that were received were amazing and definitely brought tears to his eyes :) On top of that, his parents showed up the weekend before and surprised him, and spent a couple of days spoiling him and lavishing him with love. THAT was much needed by him. The rest of the time I've been missing has really been a matter of me doing battle for my soul. Let me elaborate on that more.

Have you ever felt that there are dark forces just looming over you, constantly fighting to get at you? That no matter how hard you try, there's this sense of doom and gloom hanging over you? If you haven't, maybe you need to recheck your walk with God. Because I promise you, there IS a battle going on between the angels God has sent to protect you and the demons that are trying to steal you. Read Ephesians 6:10-18. Because I have been given the gift of discernment, at times I can LITERALLY see this battle. I often times, and I notice it most when I have taken charge of my own battle away from God, see dark spirits surrounding me. These are most noticeable when I am in a dark, quiet room, usually laying in bed. No, they're not hallucinations or figments of my imagination! There are forces at work that you don't see. I am only able to see them because it is the gift that I've been given by the Spirit. I promise you, it is quite scary! Only when I stop, and I pray, OUT LOUD, for my Father to take control of the battle for my soul, and to fight for me (it is well documented over and over again in the Old Testament that the battle is not ours, it is God's, we have to allow Him to fight it for us), and to force those spirits of the enemy to leave my home. I get up, and I walk from room to room praying His protection over each room of my home, and over my children and husband and myself. And, as He is always faithful, those spirits disappear from my vision. But that's the thing. They only retreat to reconfigure their battle plan. They never give up.

So, that's what has been going on lately. Remember the issues of sore disappointment above? That's because I had been looking at people, and placing my trust in humans, not God. When we place place our trust in man, we WILL be disappointed. We need to keep our eyes on GOD. I've been fighting this battle on my own. I've taken control of the battle from God and have allowed the enemy to convince me that I cannot win it. I had almost given up, but yesterday I was sick. I was so weak and tired I could barely get out of bed, and didn't for the most part. I truthfully believe that this was a side effect of the spiritual battle I've been fighting. I believe my physical body was exhausted. Only in this time that I was DOWN, did I look UP. I finally found my way back into my Daddy's arms, and handed the control back over to him. Does that mean my battle is over? Not a chance. The enemy is going to come against me even stronger now. And he's not going to let up. This is where my faith in God as my commander will truly be tested. So, will you pray for me?

If you're also in this war with me, and if you're a Christian, you can bet you're in it, then be encouraged. It seems so overwhelming at times, depending on which battle you're in. But it's not. God is there. He is ready to send His angels ahead of us, to fight this battle for us, and clear the way, just as He did time and time again for the Israelites. We just have to stop trying to do His job for Him! It really goes much smoother that way!

2 Corinthians 20:15b NLT

This is what the Lord says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.